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Review - The Bleeding Obvious

Lost In Theatreland, 12 August 2022

Joyful, with a heart of gold

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The Bleeding Obvious at The Flamboyance, Sweet St, Leeds

Rosie's Beautiful Reviews, 4 August 2022

What better way to celebrate the opening of the newest LGBT+ friendly venue in Leeds than to have the wonderful and inspiring Jessica Rowbottom performing live as her one woman band on the cusp of her big debut at the Edinburgh Fringe festival?

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Jessica Rowbottom - The Bleeding Obvious

The New Current, 28 July 2022

I mean, it’s Edinburgh isn’t it! It’s the pinnacle, everyone knows it. You say “I’m doing Edinburgh Fringe" and folk go “Oh my god really? That’s next-level!”. Then they realise my show’s on at Underbelly and it’s all “What?! How the hell did you end up there? That’s a proper venue!” Thanks mate. (laughs)

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Jessica's one-woman show is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe

Wakefield Express, 28 July 2022

I've spent a lot of my life trying to work out where I was and who I am and It took me 38 years to do something about it.

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An On The Mic Interview with Jessica Rowbottom

On The Mic UK, 19 July 2022

Jessica Rowbottom talks to On the Mic for #EdFringe. “An original musical cabaret about coming out of the big queer pink closet and trying to find a label. Probably the only show with the lyrics ‘demisexual panromantic polyamorous androgyne’…!”

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'That sort of thing really makes it worthwhile' - The Bleeding Obvious' Jessica Rowbottom Interview

Curtains Up, 16 July 2022

Curtains Up was able to talk to Jessica all about the show and her experiences in preparing to perform at the famous Edinburgh Fringe.

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The Party Don't Stop

Exposed Magazine, 1 March 2022

As LGBT+ History Month draws to a close for another year, we march straight into another packed month of queer events.

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Meet the ‘queer Victoria Wood’ using music and comedy to survive in a cis-het man’s world

PinkNews, 22 February 2022

“The whole show is about coming out, about what people say, about finding love, and about generally coping with it. I tend to talk about the gender aspects of it more than the lesbian, gay and bi side of things, because, you know, it’s coming in 10 years since I hopped the fence.”

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LGBT+ Events In South London This Pride History Month

Southwark News, 29 January 2022

South London will be taking part in the city-wide curation of events, from exhibitions to cabarets, discussions to online talks.

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Review: Long Division Festival 2021

Yorkshire Post, 29 September 2021

Wakefield has a long, rich and diverse musical heritage. It is a city of many races, cultures and brilliantly varied citizens. It is with this is mind that Long Division 2021 began Saturday in the historic Unitarian Chapel with the wonderful LGBT raconteur The Bleeding Obvious.

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Wakefield musician vows to wear different stage outfit to put bins out until she can perform again

YorkshireLive, 19 March 2021

Jessica Rowbottom from Wakefield, who performs under the name The Bleeding Obvious, said planning and wearing each outfit gives her something to look forward to while she can't do in-person gigs.

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Life Changing Stories Shared as Part of #SupportMyMusicTeacher

Musicians Union, 20 April 2020

Three teachers changed Jessica’s life.

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The Bleeding Obvious is joining us at Wakefield LGBTQ Pride!

Pride Wakefield, 10 July 2019

We’re proud to announce the return of The Bleeding Obvious toWakefield LGBT Pride.

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Top Ten To Watch at Long Division 2018

Get In Her Ears, 30 May 2018

As a self confessed “queerdo”, Jessica Rowbottom’s The Bleeding Obvious is an LGBT+ driven musical trinket box of genres, collaborations and “whatever she found in her parents’ music collection.”

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The Bleeding Obvious – Spectrum

The Bandcamp Diaries, 12 April 2018

“Spectrum” is the much-anticipated new EP release from The Bleeding Obvious, aka Jessica Rowbottom. She is a driven artist whose sound is highly recognizable, due to her insightful lyrics and organic production values.

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EP Review: Spectrum by The Bleeding Obvious

The Faulkner Review, 12 April 2018

The Bleeding Obvious is the moniker and musical brainchild of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jessica Rowbottom, who hails from Yorkshire, England. She describes her music as theatrical electronica, which is a good attempt to broadly classify it. But her music is actually very varied and eclectic in style, due to her numerous influences.

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Review: The Bleeding Obvious Christmas Party

I Am Hyperlexic, 17 December 2017

I am not going to go through the whole set list of 14 songs. The performance began with some keyboard playing which reminded me of how Animal from The Muppets plays the drums. One of my favourite pieces of unscripted banter was, “I didn’t used to be like this: I used to identify as a software engineer.”

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Review: The Bleeding Obvious "The Last Thought"

Act/One Magazine, 23 November 2017

The first thing that hits me when I first heard The Last Thought by The Bleeding Obvious is Christmas, Disney and Musicals. Some of my favorite things in the world!

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Review: The Last Thought by The Bleeding Obvious

Stereo Stickman, 22 November 2017

The Bleeding Obvious is a project founded by musician, composer and producer Jessica Rowbottom, and The Last Thought is a heartfelt and universally relevant ode to love and the beauty of togetherness. The song is the sort that strikes as deeply personal, yet the language chosen, the imagery, the metaphors, the poetry – it makes for something that is accessible to all and likely to be cherished by anyone who shares a similar sentiment with a significant other.

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The Bleeding Obvious Strikes All The Right Chords With Her New Album – Rainbow Heart

Warlock Asylum International News, 30 July 2017

Jessica Rowbottom, popularly known by her stage name The Bleeding Obvious, is a brilliant artist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, songwriter, and singer. After delivering a successful debut album, the Yorkshire mistress of unorthodox self-expression returns with her newest work, Rainbow Heart.

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Interview with Jessica Rowbottom (The Bleeding Obvious) plus Music Mix

Rainbow Exotic Podcast, 9 May 2017

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Rowbottom from The Bleeding Obvious, an incredible multi genre artist. We talk about her musical influences, her love for music technology, what you can expect at her live shows and much more. Plus a music mix of tracks from albums reviewed on

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Review: The Bleeding Obvious - The Bleeding Obvious

Impropaganda, 21 March 2017

The Bleeding Obvious is the musical project of Wakefield’s Jessica Rowbottom and she has released her self-titled debut album, an incredibly well put together that I can loosely describe as electro pop but that encapsulates so much more. The Bleeding Obvious have also collaborated with over 40 musicians and vocalists on this album, so there are too many to mention individually, however it is tribute to Jessica that she has managed to get so many talented people on one album.

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Eclecticism Shines Through On The Bleeding Obvious' Debut Album

The Queerness, 15 November 2016

Michael Paramo explores the diverse musical styles and influences on The Bleeding Obvious' self-titled debut album to be released November 17th.

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The Bleeding Obvious – The Bleeding Obvious – Album Review

Sleeping Bag Studios, 1 November 2016

When you read the backstory behind Jessica Rowbottom’s new project, The Bleeding Obvious, you really start to root for this artist early on. I admire the ambition she’s taken on.

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