Rainbow Heart

June 11, 2017

Rainbow Heart is the new solo show from The Bleeding Obvious about coming out of the closet, and finding an identity.

What happens when you tumble out of the big pink closet and find yourself trying to work out where exactly you are on the spectrum? Jessica Rowbottom of The Bleeding Obvious endeavours to describe the experience through songs and tales of joy, grief, happiness, loss and defiance in a new one-woman show which explores gender identity and sexuality.

"Everyone is on a spectrum, the entire population of the planet are in a grey-area between the polar opposites of what you think of as male and female, hetero- and homosexual." she explains. "They might not realise it but everyone has a rainbow heart inside somewhere."

"There's a lot of complicated things which happen when you stop hiding yourself away. Rainbow Heart seeks to describe the process in words and music, with a dollop of bittersweet humour mixed in for good measure."

She will be touring the show from Summer 2017, including a performance in her home town of Wakefield on 12th August.

Praise for the 2016 debut album The Bleeding Obvious...

"This is an exploration into musical and lyrical diversity, and it is one that I urge you to take, for there are moments of pleasure surely to come." - The Queerness

"There’s great depth here, fantastic dance tracks, majestic melancholy and just brilliant pop music with a theatrical flavor" - JamSphere Music

"The way the songs unfurl is quite extraordinary." - Beach Sloth Records

Listen to the song Gender Babylon

Now booking venues! For booking and enquiries, please contact Helen Cook via cookie@bleedingobvious.uk.


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