Album 3 'Dirty Blonde' Release Date   December 05, 2019


The release date for the long-awaited third album Dirty Blonde accidentally slipped out in an interview last night...

If you were listening to Rhubarb Radio on 4th December when I sat in with Beth and Andy for their 'Rhubarb Roots' music show, you may have noticed I let-slip a pertinent date for next year.

So, after quite a few delays brought about not least by economic uncertainty (namely the dreaded B-word and import tariffs looming), my third album DIRTY BLONDE will be out in MAY 2020 along with a little sidecar EP of acoustic versions called SUNDAY AT EASTMOOR ROAD.

Which date in May I'm not sure yet but I'm hoping to make it as close to my birthday as possible, so I can have a huge birthday launch party since we had such fun when Spectrum came out. But all things hopeful, May 2020 with plenty of new songs, lots of friends and talented colleagues, a big choir, an orchestra, and an overarching theme about getting rid of imposter syndrome.

Dirty Blonde - because you should never forget your roots

I'd better go record some more vocals now hadn't I!


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