Watch 'Live At Chapel FM 2019'   December 08, 2019


I recently played a half-hour set at Chapel FM Musicathon in Leeds - and you can see it all on YouTube!

On Saturday 7th December I was a guest at Chapel FM Arts Centre in Leeds, for the annual Chapel FM Musicathon. Over 24 hours musicians of all genres and persuasions perform live to a radio audience as well as those online and in a studio audience.

While previous years have seen me perform an early morning ambient electronic set, this year I performed more traditional songs from my new album alongside some old favourites (all in spite of a rotten chesty cough tickle and a smoke machine determined to do its worst).

I was joined by a small studio audience of hardcore fans and a virtual posse online, for a set list which included that song.

And thanks to the nice folk at Chapel FM, you can watch the entire show here. Enjoy!

Can't see the player? Watch directly on YouTube at


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