ChapelFM Live Ambient Set

January 03, 2018

In December 2017 I performed a 45-minute ambient electronica set on Chapel FM's 24-hour "Musicathon".

The performance of chilled out seldom-heard remixes of tracks included Sailing Alone, XXY, Cold Comfort and several of the 'talking heads' tracks from Rainbow Heart - mixed live and linked with classical piano inspired by the likes of Nils Frahm and Lyle Mays. The 4:30am slot was the perfect setting for the style, and I was extremely grateful to the fans who stayed up to listen!

You can listen in full on Soundcloud here:

Full track list:
  1. Cold Comfort (Warm Aftermath)
  2. Drowning In The Shadows (3am Insomnia)
  3. Over The Top (Confessional)
  4. Sailing Alone (Woodingdean At Midnight)
  5. Wallflower (Acoustic Silence)
  6. Your Own Internal Inertia (Ripples Mix)

Leeds-based radio station Chapel FM have a live video of the performances on Facebook - take a look here.


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