Exciting Album 3 Updates!   February 18, 2019


Work on the new album continues apace, with some familiar faces returning!

My third album is expected sometime later this year, and as with all good things it's a slow burn. Nights in the studio, microphone work, learning a few new instruments... it's all taking time.

However, I'm pleased to announce the return of several performers I've previously worked with, including...
  • Percussionist Andrey Golodukhin who has previously been heard on the recorded Rainbow Heart edition of "Outside Inside", and before that on the prog epic "Runaway".
  • Maurizio Antonini, whose drums stormed through the title track from the Spectrum EP.
  • Long-time collaborator Rob Taylor, who I've worked with on percussion for over a decade.
  • Trumpeter Ted Guy, last heard on the Spectrum EP version of "One Foot In Front Of The Other".
Additionally I've been working with a small orchestra, and capturing the voices and accents of several friends. It'll be superb to see what you think.

The album - titled Dirty Blonde - will be out hopefully by September with a planned run on vinyl, and I'll be performing quite a few of the songs in upcoming shows.




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