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"The Bleeding Obvious" Technical Rider

This tech rider has been put together after several years of touring - if you want to deviate from it (for whatever reason!) please check first! Use the contact form button at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

More general booking information (including show lengths, promo, etc.) can be found over here.

The Bleeding Obvious consists of one performer with two keyboards and a laptop. All instruments are sub-mixed directly on-stage by the performer to provide a single stereo pair.

Principal technical requirements:
  • 1 x microphone (Shure SM58 preferred), treated with a small amount of reverb.
  • 2 x line-level inputs presented on ¼" balanced jacks, panned L-R on the desk.
  • 2 x boom mic stands (one each side of stage).
  • 1 x monitor speaker with own mix.
  • 2 x 13A domestic (BS1363) power sockets (total draw approx. 5A max).
Under no circumstances apply compression to the keyboard output or the mix as a whole, please!


There are two different stage plots available depending on whether we're bringing the lighting rig (we usually don't unless it's a full electric show, check with us if you're unsure).

Click on the images below for full-size versions.

Standard Stage Plot
Stage Plot Including Lights

In all cases 13A mains power must be supplied to the stage area.

If you want to check out the sound beforehand, the track "Labels" (Spotify link ) is typical of the sound.


Lighting & Staging

Minimum stage area required is 3m x 2.5m. If we're bringing our own lighting rig, this needs to be 6m x 2.5m.

If you use a projected image/LED wall as a backdrop, please display one of:

Please let us know in advance of show day if you don't have a backdrop curtain or projector.

Where the house lighting rig is being used, please throw white/white colour mix spots on the stage. A splash of colour on the backdrop/side-stages is encouraged, which may change per song at the lighting op's discretion. Several songs within the set are disco/dance and rhythmic colour changes may be used on those. No lighting changes in the spoken parts between songs please.

Please do NOT use fog or stroboscope effects.

Notes about our own lighting: Our lighting bars are cold LED lights which come with 2m stands, so nothing needs to be hung. The teardrop is usually mounted on a 2m stand at the rear of the stage. All fixtures are controlled via DMX from the stage laptop.

Our own lighting rig requires an extra 4 x 13A domestic (BS1363) sockets (total average draw approx. 3A per socket, 12A in total).


Setup Times

For full electric shows: to get everything in, set up and sound checked typically takes 90 minutes. Please factor this in to your schedule and talk to us if this gives you problems.

All other show formats take about 20 minutes to set up, and the same to tear down.

Sound check usually takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

Ideally we like soundcheck etc. to be complete at least an hour before doors open to give time to 'get in the zone'.

Break down at the end of the night typically takes around 45 minutes.

The team prefer to do setup/tear-down while the venue is closed for safety and security reasons; if this is not possible please try to keep the performance area cordoned-off and clear of personnel in advance of our arrival.



The Bleeding Obvious doesn't book through an agent, so to enquire please get in touch directly and we can have a chat!

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