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The Bleeding Obvious has one single member: Yorkshire lass Jessica Rowbottom, whose multi-genre songs are sometimes funny, occasionally poignant, and frequently involve her experiences on the LGBT+ spectrum. She recently finished a nationwide tour of her original musical cabaret 'Rainbow Heart' including a packed off-West End show at Pride In London, Totnes Pride, Birmingham, Trans Pride Brighton, Norwich Arts Centre and more. Her performances have drawn comparisons with Victoria Wood, Tim Minchin and Fascinating Aïda.

With two albums and an EP under her belt, The Bleeding Obvious' third album 'Dirty Blonde' will be released in Autumn 2019.


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"A rabbit-hole of genres" is just one of the phrases used to describe the music of The Bleeding Obvious: the monicker of British musician, composer and producer Jessica Rowbottom. A former chorister at Wakefield Cathedral, Jessica principally plays piano and keyboard but her skills also encompass accordion, guitar and drums as well as a variety of home-built and circuit-bent electronic devices.

Her style encompasses everything from pounding electronic club beats to orchestral soundscapes and soulful funk-pop - the music is emotional, reflective, joyful, frequently dark, sometimes funny, almost autobiographical in places.

Her internationally acclaimed self-titled debut album The Bleeding Obvious was released in November 2016 where single track "Splendid!" receiving favourable radio play from the likes of BBC Radio 2 alongside local radio stations. The album featured over 50 singers and musicians from around the world, as well as a small orchestra assembled specifically for the occasion.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 Jessica toured her one-woman musical cabaret Rainbow Heart, exploring the coming-out process for LGBTQIA+ people through music, spoken word and comedy. Tour dates included Brighton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, York, Bristol and Manchester and the show was part of Pride In London Festival 2018. The recorded album itself includes talking-heads segments alongside more traditional songs; almost a hundred people of varying sexualities and gender identities were interviewed to form the work.

For Christmas 2017 The Bleeding Obvious released standalone track "The Last Thought", a gentle song about being thankful for the support of a loved one and in March 2018 released an EP of remixes from the first two albums titled The Spectrum EP - her first release with a live band. Her third album 'Dirty Blonde' will be released in 2019.

Jessica is openly lesbian and lives in Wakefield with her wife and cat, assorted offspring, a snake, a hamster and a project studio.



On her work, Jess currently plays piano, synthesizers, toy piano, SN72489AN, drum programming, analogue drums and percussion, Hammond organ, church organ, SIDstation, ukulele, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, melodica, Omnichord, firewood lap guitar, Speak’n’Spell, V-Tech laptop, cajon, autoharp, Hybrid Music 5000, accordion, descant recorder, vocoder, saxophone, flute, Pocket Operators, telephone handset, cello, harpsichord, beatbox, marimba and riding crop.

Much of her work is recorded at her own studio in Wakefield, although she collaborates with many other musicians and producers around the world.


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