Be In The Video For Splendid!

October 07, 2016

We're pleased to announce "Splendid!" will be the first single released from the album, and here's your chance to be in the video!

"Splendid!" is a happy song, an optimistic song which gives a message that even though life is going a bit badly, you can always yell "Splendid!" and be optimistic about things. It features a crowd of friends and followers, an upbeat dance beat, and the soaring vocals of Jacqui Wicks.

So, now's your chance to be in the video - all you have to do is film yourself dancing to it on your mobile phone. Anywhere, any time, any scenario, wearing anything (within reason!).

Up for it? Take a listen to the track:

Have a listen, have a dance, film yourself, and email the footage to by Sunday 16th October 2016 for a chance to be in the video.


The cover image is by Helen Gibson, also known as The Perky Painter.


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